Fort Worth's Drive, Boat Ride & Lunch, Possum Kingdom Lake

Fort Worth's Drive, Boat Ride & Lunch, Possum Kingdom Lake

Fort Worth
Saturday, June 18, 2016 - 8:00am

Thirty folks in 15 cars joined us for this event.  After a great drive to Graford on country roads, we proceeded to the Cliffs Marina where we boarded our boats. Our small flotilla of 3 boats took us on a leisurely cruise on Lake Possum Kingdom to Hell's Gate, and then to the calm waters of Devil's Cove.  We not only caravan in cars, but on boats as well. 

Lunch was next after our boat ride.  However, the entire resort had lost water pressure at the exact hour of our arrival and, all of a sudden, it seemed we were faced with the dilemma of finding a restaurant that can feed 30 people all at once in little Graford.  Fortunately, the Chaparral Grill by the lake was able to serve a Texas-style buffet lunch as originally planned.  Disaster averted.

After lunch, we played our own version of the Dollar Game, where participants took turns to guess the serial number of a dollar bill by process of elimination. Three lucky winners each got their choice of Fort Worth Section apparel to wear at the next event.   Congrats to Min Graham, Sam Pearson and Russ Coffman!

After our game and more socializing, we drove home on our own.