January 2018 – Lexus LC500 at the Dominion

January 2018 – Lexus LC500 at the Dominion

Texas Hill Country
Saturday, January 13, 2018 -
10:00am to 12:30pm
San Antonio

Mercedes Club members were invited to the new North Park Lexus Dealership at the Dominion to check out the Lexus LC500. Those that were interested were offered a test drive. Don arranged this event through his friend and neighbor Jose Contreras, the sales manager. Alex Navarrete gave us a brief overview of the LC500 before the test drive. Our thanks to Jose and Alex for their hospitality.

Comments from club members:

Norm Glorioso had this to say about his test drive. ‘There are many “high end” luxury coupes available that compete with Mercedes - Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Porsche to name just a few. I have to admit the new Lexus LC500 was on my radar as one that I wanted to experience in person since it combines luxury and sport in a package that I find attractive. Driving the car was a chance to confirm what I have read on the performance of the car. Although it would take a closed track to really test the capabilities of this car, the dealer personnel put together a brief test drive route that allowed a chance to at least tease us with the cars potential. There were a few tight curves that allowed us a chance to play with the multiple suspension and performance settings and a straight section on the I-10 frontage road to allow a brief hint of the acceleration available from the 471HP V-8. I was truly impressed with the LC500, but have to admit the ride home in our SL 550 was also impressive.’‘Fun cars and fun people, it was a great opportunity to get together with the Mercedes-Benz Club Texas Hill Country Section. Thank you to everyone that helped put this together.’

Alex DePeralta said: 'Driving the LC500 was an enjoyable experience. The fully adjustable and supportive seats were among the most comfortable without being too firm. Firing up the V-8 made an authoritative yet subdued roar. Making the right turn out of the parking lot it was very easy to break the rear end loose with even modest acceleration. What a surprise! On the access road and on the low-speed twisties the LC500 was very smooth and quiet, more reminiscent of a diminutive luxury limousine than a tossable sports car. Again and again the LC500 wagged its tail accelerating out of turns before our return to the dealership. The best of the LC500? The quiet and smoothness of a Lexus motorcar. The worst? The happy and loose rear end. The final take? A great car for luxury cruising.'

Ron Feldman’s take on the LC500: 'I was excited to drive the LC500, as I love sports cars, and this one had high expectations. I was not disappointed! The car is sleek and beautifully detailed, but I’m not a fan of the grill. The interior was very comfortable and the dash and instruments were eye candy and well organized. I settle in, adjust the seat and mirrors, take a breath and off we go. Smooth and easy response on the pedals, especially the brakes. Handling was the best part, as the 4 wheel steering is barely perceptible, but hugs the road well. Power was adequate but, I wish it had a supercharger! All in all, I had a great drive!'

After our test drive of the LC500, we drove down the road to Mimi’s at the RIM for lunch where we had a nice visit and talked about the LC500. We had a good turnout of about 25 members.

Thanks to all the members that participated. And thanks again to the Lexus Dealership at the Dominion and to Mimi's.

And thanks to Charles Dove for submitting this report.


Martin Rios