Fort Worth's Safari and Lunch at the Greystone Castle Sporting Club

Fort Worth's Safari and Lunch at the Greystone Castle Sporting Club

Fort Worth
Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 8:00am

Twenty-four members (the most that our venue can accommodate) in 11 cars enjoyed a great drive to Mingus, a delicious lunch at the Greystone Castle Sporting Club, and a safari-style tour of its grounds.

Greystone Castle is a unique, first-class facility, turrets and all, located on 6500 acres of ranchland and hunting grounds.  It sits on a hill and offers a majestic view of the surrounding area below.  For this event, we embarked on a safari-style tour of the grounds on 3 4x4 trucks and an ATV.  The staff even allowed Ron Sturgeon and Linda Allen to drive their G500 4x4 Squared on the trail.  The weather held and we saw more animals than expected. Deer, antelope, bison, and others were out in the open.

After the safari tour, we enjoyed a fixed-menu lunch in the ranch’s dining room.  After lunch, many of us climbed the stairs to the castle’s walls and turrets end enjoyed the scenery below.

Greystone Castle is located by the ghost town of Thurber, which was wholly owned by The Texas and Pacific Coal Company. Thurber was a major brick and coal center in its heyday, attracting a population of 10,000 from eighteen nationalities.  Today, all that remains of the township is a prominent smokestack and cemetery.  Some of us opted to visit a nearby park to see original Thurber buildings preserved there before heading home on our own.