August - Devil's Backbone Drive and Lunch at Leaning Pear

Saturday, August 25, 2018 - 12:45pm
"Devil's Backbone"
RR 32
Charles Dove

Mark your calendar to join us for this event. It will take place on August 25th and we will meet at the Exxon/Stripes gas station at 1138 Highway 281 just this side of Blanco, Texas.  Take Highway 281 North from San Antonio to the Stripes station on the southern edge of Blanco.  Driving north on 281, it is past Rebecca Creek Road.  The trip is about 25 to 30 minutes from the north San Antonio city limits.  Please plan on meeting between 12:45 pm and 1:15pm at the Stripes station.  We will pull out promptly at 1:15 pm and head towards Wimberley.   We will take Blanco Avenue to Hwy 165 and drive to Hwy 2325 into Wimberley.  Once we arrive in Wimberley we will turn on Ranch Road 12 and make a right turn on River Road.

The Leaning Pear is on 111 River Road #110 and easy to find.  Parking for the restaurant is a short walk, but you can drive to the door and allow your passengers to exit, then you can park.  Use this link to view the menu: We have reservations for 2 pm.  After our late lunch you will be able to go shopping for antiques, shopping for art work or visit a vast array of shops.  If you have not been to Wimberley in a few years you are in for a big surprise.   Dust off the old credit card and get prepared for some fun.  There are many shops right at the restaurant so you won’t have to find another parking spot.  They had some neat looking antiques there too!!

If shopping is not your thing then a group of us will be taking Ranch Road 12 to Ranch Road 32 (The Devil’s Backbone) back to Highway 281.  There is a small picnic area on the right a few miles from the intersection or Ranch Road 12 and 32 that is referred to as The Devil’s Backbone Lookout.  We will pull off the road, stop and take a few pictures.  For those shoppers in the group you can follow us later after you spent all your money!  When leaving the Lookout area you have several choices to return to San Antonio so check your navigation systems.




Check out their menu and info at the following link


Thank you,

Martin Rios