Hidden Hangar Vineyard Driving Event

Hidden Hangar Vineyard Driving Event

North Texas
Saturday, July 17, 2021 -
10:00am to 3:00pm

Hidden Hangar Vineyard Driving Event

North Texas Section

Saturday, July 17th, 2021

Dennison, Texas


At 10 am on a great Texas morning the group of 11 cars met at the Coffee Lodge in Van Alstyne, TX.  and caravanned to the Hidden Hanger Winery in Dennison, Tx. The group followed 40 miles of beautiful scenic country back roads to the winery.

On arrival they were met by Stormy and Richard Cansler, the owners of Hidden Hangar Winery. The group had reserved parking for the cars, and to our surprise there were two MB already parked there 1980’s 500SL and a 2011-12 White S sedan, the owner’s cars.

After parking and taking pictures, the group was escorted to the main winery building, and awaiting us was a beautiful lunch table, full of delicious meats, cheeses, salads, and fresh fruit servings. At lunch Russel showed us the extensive library of wines produced there and we marked a list of the wines we would like to taste.  Stormy and their marketing manager led the group to the grape processing building where the temperature was 57degrees. They explained the grape crushing process, and they took and answered a lot of questions from our group. We then proceeded to the barrel aging building where they explained the aging process and the aroma was out of this world.

After the tour the group returned to the lunchroom where the winery personnel had set up wine tasting glasses with the specified wines each person had chosen previously.  After the tasting, it was time for the Putting Green tournament, with10 contestants, they each putted 6 greens, with Gayle in second place and Cindy in 1stfor the ladies. On the men's side, Dane came in second and Manie in first place. They chose a bottle of wine from Hidden Hanger Winery Selections as their prize.  A fun day for all!  Thank you Maurice and Rosemary Nahas for planning and hosting the event.